Christian Service Report, 2009-Present

As an essential part of my GBS journey to complete my BA in Church and Family Ministry ( ) I reported on my Christian Service. I served as co-leader of the Pioneers, a group of Christian girls between the ages of eleven and fourteen. The American Heritage Girls are similar to the girl scouts, but they are Christ honoring and focused. The girls learned the AHG creed and history, and individually prepared memory books about the AHG. In the second meeting of the month, I was able to help the girls to work on a service project for the Blue Star moms group in Columbus. The girls made Veteran's Day cards, to encourage and thank deployed service members. They also made cookies for Ronald McDonald House, and collected food for the hungry. I am currently involved in forming a Christian Service Brigade (boys) and GEMs (girls) program at the Vineyard Whitehall church.

During my semesters at GBS, I have also volunteered as an assistant teacher in several classes at Learning Tree Homeschool Co-op. I assisted in a student writing class, speech and nature education; skills studied range from academic to outdoor safety and fire building. I was able to help monitor a group of students to successfully and safely build a wood fire and light it using matches. No one was burned or injured—not even me! Later in the year, we learned how to use a bow drill to start a fire, and we learned how to cook a meal with wild foods.

The Lord gave me several opportunities to counsel and pray for parents. I also worked to disciple young people in the Christian faith, and will continue meeting and discussing goals and needs. My discipleship group focused on full assurance of faith in Christ and how to be a disciple.

I was able to participate in a prayer walk at Vineyard Whitehall church as well as planning and implementing a community outreach Christmas “Birthday Party for Jesus” and Easter celebration. As a Gideon auxiliary, I was able to witness for Christ to people in various walks of life, including an older lady at a shopping center.

Throughout my GBS journey, I have continued to homeschool my youngest child, who is currently working at a ninth grade level in most subjects, despite health challenges. I have also had the opportunity to teach a biblical worldview class at the Learning Tree educational co-op in my final semester at GBS. I am pleased with my daughter's progress in her education as well as my students at Learning Tree—praise God for these wonderful young people! May God bless and guide them, and use me to teach them the way they should go!

I feel that my GBS courses have taught me to focus more on what God is teaching me through His Word--especially to depend on Him and not my own strength. There are many things in my life that are totally out of my control (such as the health of family members). In my final semester at GBS, my dear mother (one of my best friends) passed away. Still, God is in control. God has reminded me that I am the sheep, and He takes good care of me! He also watches over my family and those whom I minister to, to the extent that they allow Him to do so. I need to do my best, and leave the results to God. May God's will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.