Peaceful Pro-Lifer Assaulted by Clinic Manager

April 30, 1998

Sidewalk Counselor, Dorothy Boyett, was assaulted today by Lisa Hall, Clinic Manager of Planned Family Clinic of Lubbock Texas. Two members of the Lubbock police department who witnessed the incident did nothing .

Dorothy had to place a 911 call for police assistance when officer Glen Stallings, who moonlights as a security guard at the clinic, and an on-duty police sergeant who was visiting with officer Stallings, refused to write up a report.

Earlier Dorothy and Judy Kreller had counseled several members of a family who had gathered in hopes of convincing a young family member to change her mind about having an abortion. Judy offered help to the abortion-bound woman.

As the family stood across the street from the clinic in conversation with the young woman, Clinic Manager Lisa Hall and officer Stallings crossed the street, Lisa grabbed the expectant mom by the arm and said "You don't have to listen to them, come with us." Judy followed the group pleading with the mom to change her mind.

Dorothy was kneeling in prayer on the sidewalk in front of the clinic. As the group approached, she walked toward them and said "Jesus loves you."

Lisa Hall responded, "If you don't shut up I'm going to slap you on the head." She then reached out, struck Dorothy on the shoulder, and pushed her off the sidewalk.

Rather than file an incident report as Dorothy immediately requested, Officer Stallings told her she was blocking the sidewalk. He and the sergeant stood laughing as she walked to a corner bank to place a 911 call.

Officer Lopez and Sgt. Gregg arrived a few minutes later. They did not interview Lisa Hall. Most of their time was spent in conversation with Officer Stallings. Several witnesses verified Dorothy Boyett and Judy Kreller's account of what happened.

One couple who had brought their daughter for an abortion told police, "That woman in the white coat had no right to hit that lady wearing the glasses." Had the situation been reversed, had Dorothy Boyett struck Lisa Hall, Dorothy would be sitting in a jail cell at this very moment with FACE charges being drawn up against her. The story would have been prominent on national networks. (It was not.)

On Tuesday May 12th, Dorothy was read her 'rights' and informed that Criminal charges have been filed against her related to this incident.

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