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These new age, new world disorder Republicans sound just like the Democrats! What we need is a 21st century Lincoln.

What would president Lincoln say today? 40 million dead babies, murdered at the rate of 1 & 1/2 million per year, are not considered as important as other so-called domestic issues. Unborn human beings cannot compete with issues such as domestic violence (torturing a baby to death is also an act of violence), childcare (not needed for1/3 of our unborn which are dead), sexual harassment (I'm against sexual harrassment, but mudering a baby is a worse crime in my understanding of justice), women's health (clinic-speak=exploiting women for profit), and financial security, as in "It's the economy, stupid" (hedonistic living in the place of God's blessing of children. Psalm 127:3).

Let's take a look at the so-called pro-life Republican position:

1. Most republican candidates are pro-abort when the mother has been raped. However, Norma McCorvey (aka Jane Roe) admitted she had lied when she said she had been raped. Her lie led to the national legalization of abortion. Should we kill the baby, God's creation, to punish the father?

2. Should republicans be pro-abort when the mother is the victim of incest? It has been proven time and again that child molestors can continue in their crime as they "eliminate" the evidence (that is, the developing child in the womb). Where is the justice in killing the baby? Why not keep the baby and make the father pay for support, and for his crime?

3. Pro-abort to save the life of the mother? This is just another "smoke screen" to appease the pro-aborts. C. Everett Koop, former U.S. Surgeon General, said, in 38 years of practice as an obstetrician, he never saw a patient whose life was endangered by the fetus. If the baby has died, he or she must be removed, but the physician is not killing it if it is already dead. In those rare instances where the mother has cancer or some other condition, an attempt can be made to save both people. Removing a child from an unhealthy environment, whether that baby survives or not, is not the same as deliberately dismembering that child.

Advances in medicine have saved babies weighing less than 2 pounds. A study compared the outcomes of abortion in the case of cancer. Some of the mothers who had cancer and did not have abortion died; some lived. But at least they had hope. Of those mothers who chose abortion, all of the mothers--without exception--died. Hope is better than hurt.

Are we such a violent and depraved people, that we must always kill someone to get what we want in life? Our sense of justice has become so barbaric, that torturing pre-born children to death is now the most common surgical procedure in the U. S. We have a Republican Congress that STILL can't even stop the Hitler-esque selling of baby parts (hearts, eyes and brains, from eight weeks on...) or the barbaric infanticide of partial birth abortion.

Do we want another leader who has no sense of justice or moral character? Why vote Republican or Democrat, if there is really no difference? How about another party? Remember, President Lincoln was elected as a candidate for a new party, the Republicans, which usurped the Whigs.

Proverbs 6:16-19 "...the Lord hates...hands that shed innocent blood..." Isaiah 59:15,16 "The Lord looked and was displeased that there was no justice...He was appalled that there was no one to intervene..." Republicans, if you are not seeking justice for all human beings, please stay home. Or better yet, let's start a new party.

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Abortion is an act of violence against the mother and the baby

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