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Homeschooling on a Shoestring: A Jam-packed Guide
, by Melissa L. Morgan and Judith Waite Allee: ("This book is the most original and helpful homeschooling book I've read in years. Highly Recommended."--Mary Pride, publisher of Practical Homeschooling magazine) and Educational Travel on a Shoestring: Frugal Family Fun and Learning Away from Home, , by Judith Waite Allee & Melissa L. Morgan (Practical, frugal, witty and wise, Educational Travel On a Shoestring is one of those rare books folks will not only delight in reading but delight in using...Don't leave home without it."--George Grant, author of Just Visiting)
Enjoy a short sample from Educational Travel on a Shoestring, with freebies, links, and tips from two frugal moms who love to travel. If you find them helpful, please SHARE with travel and education-minded folks. When you do, please include the entire letter: Find out more at Waterbrook Multnomah.

More Great Bargain Educational Homeschooling & Learning Books

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Free Financial Counseling:

If you can’t meet your goals—Homeschool, college, new home building or ownership, educational, travel or otherwise--because you’re mired in debt, get help. Get out of debt! Some free (or inexpensive) resources:

      Cornerstone Christian Counseling, E-Mail:; 888-PLAN4ME; Debtbustr@AOL.comlate and over limit ; Budgeting; obtains interest reductions and waiving of fees from many of your creditors; debt consolidation; rebuild your credit rating.

      Larry Burkett’s Christian Financial Concepts, PO Box 2377, Gainesville, GA 30503-2377;(770) 534-1000;

      Faith-full Family Finances, ; ; 1-888-03970 DEBT, Faith-Full Family Finances is a Christian financial planning company under the covering of Faith-Full Family Life Ministries. Faith-Full Family Finances offers free, personalized Get-Out-Of-Debt plans, which show families how they can be out of debt in 5-7 years, including their home mortgage, usually without changing their current income.

      Consumer Credit Counseling Service, 800-388-CCCS; free or low-cost financial guidance; can negotiate with creditors.

      Neighborhood ministry. Local ministers should be able to help you find financial help and counseling from local missions or from within their congregation.

General Interest Freebies

*Visit A Frugal Life, for a free newsletter, Tips, articles, recipes, links

*Free newsletter: A Simple, Frugal Life

* Free coupons

*Another coupon site,

* Free things web site

*The Cheapskate Monthly Newsletter, (Mary Hunt) 1-(800) 550-3502.

*The Tightwad Twins Newsletter

*Miserly Moms

*The Dollar Stretcher--on-line column

*Save at the supermarkets

*Free Backyard Conservation Packet available from 1-888-LANDCARE

Small Business Resources

*International Small Business Consortium; free e-mail marketing newsletter,

*Inc. magazine online (for marketing information)

*Service Core of Retired Executives, Free business advice from retired executives. At the web site, you can search for just the right personal business advisor, and correspond via e-mail.

Homeschool And Educational Freebies

*Apologia Educational Ministries offers free science demos, 1106 Meridian Plaza, Suite 220, Anderson, IN 46016;; free catalog from (800) 524-4724.

*Free Printables, , offers plenty of free printing materials for all ages, including cards, calendars, coupons, games, lesson plans, worksheets, music and more

*Free Homeschool Tracker software, ; keep records, transcripts

*GoPhonics offers free downloads, reading assessment,

*Homestead Blessings provides free video trailer demos at

*Home Education Magazine, Free homeschool information,

*Homeschool Helper, Bob Jones University Press, Greenville, SC, 29614-0060;; Christian, U.S. subscriptions are free.

*McGraw-Hill, free 32 page educational workbook, free parent's newsletter, also free catalog, (800)298-4119;

*Montessori Educational Samples, free educational software demo,

*The Relaxed Home Schooler Newsletter, a sample copy (at the time of this writing) is available free of charge from RHS, P.O. Box 2524, Cartersville, Ga., 30120; Unschooling philosophy.

*School Made Simple offers free samples,

*The Teaching Home, Box 469069, Escondido, CA 92045, (800)395-7760, WEB:; Find a support group; Free Homeschool Questions & Answers Brochures; yearly Special Needs section.

*"Permanent loan" (free) educational video tapes (you must complete a survery) such as "Backyard Tips From Chipper" (power tool safety) and "Shamu TV" (baby animals, animal communication, animal myths). Video Placement, 25 Second St. North, Suite 120. St. Petersburg, Florida, 33701; 727-823-2955;

*Veritas Academy,, teaches classical Christianity, and offers free reviews in their catalog, free consulting by phone (May to August), and free curriculum guide downloads from their web site.

Learn What to Teach When--Free Curriculum Guides For your Homeschool:

* A Beka Books, P.O. Box 18000, Pensacola, Florida, 32523, (800) 874-BEKA, a Christian curriculum supplier, will send a complimentary copy of their Scope & Sequence, Nursery through Grade Twelve ,

* World Book Educational Products, 101 Northwest Point Blvd., Elk Grove Village, Illinois, 60007, 1-800-WORLDBK, , will send you a free copy of their booklet, Typical Course of Study, Kindergarten Through Grade 12.

Homeschool Used and Exceptionally Inexpensive Curriculum Sources (CATALOGS AND OUTLETS)

*BOOK CELLAR, 141 Canal St., #11, Nashua, N.H.; 800-338-4257; Used curriculum materials, especially Christian, but also Saxon, Holt, HBJ, etc. 

*BOOK PEDDLER, The, Box 1960, Elyria, OH 44036 800-928-1760; and; 100 page catalog

*Christian Book Distributors, ask for special homeschool resources catalog, (800) 247-4794;

*Classroom Direct, discount educational supplies, free catalog, (800)248-9171,

*FOLLETT HOME EDUCATION, 5563 South Archer Ave., Chicago, IL 60638, 800-554-5754, 1000 new and bargain books, this division targets homeschoolers, .

*LAURELWOOD PUBLICATIONS, 540-554-2670, , new and used curriculum

*GREAT CHRISIAN BOOKS HOMESCHOOL DISCOUNT WAREHOUSE, 229 South Bridge St., P.O. Box 8000, Elkton, MD 21922-8000; discount Christian homeschool material, mail order

*HALF PRICE BOOKS, Books, Records, Magazines, software; dicsount book stores, available in Ohio California, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin. Ask for additional 10 % "educator's discount" card --show proof of homeschooling (such as a letter from government school superintendent).

*HOMESCHOOL ASSOCIATES, 116 Third Ave, Auburn, ME 04210; 800-882-2828. Used textbooks, traveling bookmobile, conferences, diplomas, and regional school program

*More homeschool suppliers, Wise Steward's Homeschool Resources

Free E-mail and Internet--save your money and build your new home, save for education or travel

*Free Stuff Center's free Internet Providers

*Net Zero, free or low cost Web and Internet service

*Free e-mail, low cost web,

*Computer Safety Fun Kit, "Free" (plus $1.99 postage)

Free Offers On the Internet for your homeschool:

*The Bible's Way to Victory over ADHD and Other Childhood Challenges, offers a free e-book, "Sound answers on preventing and overcoming Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder,"

*The Explorer--collection of free curriculum resources

*Popcorn and Peanuts Homeschooling (Charlotte Mason, unschooling homeschool resources) Educational Software to Try and Software Reviews

* Read*Right*Now, Information Resource Center, U.S. Department of Education, 600 Independence Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20202; 800-USA-LEARN; Free reading activity kit.

*SAXON PUBLISHERS, 1320 West Lindsey St., Norman, Ok.73069;; 800 - 284-7019; K-College Level math and physics; free placement tests, sample lessons, free Saxon Math sampler CD-ROM; popular math program among homeschoolers--very rigorous

*Jumbo--almost 50,000 shareware and freeware programs

*P.E.P., for Parents, Educators, and Publishers, educational software reviews and software publisher directory,


*LEARNING CO., THE, 800-227-5609;, inexpensive educational software

*SERIOUS DEVELOPMENTS, 216 Dogwood Dr, Auburn, AL 800-338 - 3229,; Christian software including the Internet Kit for Christians; Free (no shipping charge, no order necessary) Proverb-A-Day software

*SOFTBASICS; Free Math Tri-Pack to any e-mail requester; optional Language Arts Master may be added if desired. Windows 95/98; Children 6-12. Small shipping and handling fee required after installation,

Free Classic Books for homeschoolers, or just for fun!

Some of these electronic sources can be printed out for your enjoyment

1600 free books; electronic format

Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia

ALEX Catalogue of Electronic Texts--English Lit

The Great Books

Internet Classics

Ancient texts at the Perseus Project

The English Server

French Books

Das Projekt Gutenberg: German books

Some tips from the new book by Morgan and Allee, Educational Travel On a Shoestring

Don’t waste your hard-earned cash on a scam! Research any travel agency or consolidator before you decide to do business with them. The Better Business Bureau makes the following recommendations:
"Our best piece of advice is to verify the reliability of the business and verify all travel package details before you pay any fee, no matter how small. Deal only with businesses you know and have confidence in, or have checked out with the BBB or a recognized travel organization," Bast said. "And, get the details of your vacation in writing before you send a check or provide credit card number information."
Consumers should be aware that travel packages might require consumers to travel during restricted times and to stay in accommodations whose quality and location may not match advertised photos. The company may also reserve the right to change accommodations without consulting the consumer.
While seemingly cheap, travel package plans may fail to cover basic expenses -- such as transportation to and from the destination, meals, accommodations, and taxes -- the addition of which may make "the deal" less worthwhile. Reservation and cancellation requirements may also be restrictive. Consumers considering purchasing a travel package should request information about all accommodations, any costs not covered by the package and reservation and cancellation policies before buying."

For a brochure on how to protect yourself from vacation and travel scams send $2.00 and a self-addressed envelop to Council of Better Business Bureaus, Department 023, Washington, DC 20042-0023. The brochure is also available on the web at, under the Resource Library, Publications section.”

*Also check out Consumer World is a non-commercial resource with over 2000 consumer resources. It also has a wealth of information for frugal living in general, including travel.

*Highway rest stops, where you first come into the state on the interstate highway, offer free maps and racks of free information about events and educational outings. You will find fliers on museums, parks, restaurants, tourist information. Also many offer coupon books that include decreased hotel rates and restaurant discount coupons.

*Homeschoolers take note: Homeschoolers are educators. Educators discounts are often available at theme parks and other attractions. Also use your educator’s card to buy tourism books, atlases, etc. at stores such as Media Play and Half Price Books.

**To obtain 1-800s for most states, hotel/motel chains, companies offering tours, call the toll free operator at 1-800-555-1212. If you plan to camp or rent a cabin in a lake, boating, etc., also call 1-800- (STATE). Ask for their state campground and cabin guides. When planning your trip, you can find advance information such as:
1. Is camping primitive or are their electric outlets available at campsites?
2. What about waste dumps, showers, etc.
*Visit local hotels where you live and pick up one of their free chain guides which list hotel /motel locations, accommodations, prices, etc. Look up the state and town where you will be staying.
*If you are a member of an auto club, they usually can get you maps, tour guides, customized trip guides and numerous discounts for every part of your trip. If you will be flying, you can get package deals with discounts for the air fare, car rental, hotel and sometimes restaurants. If not in an auto club, and will fly, always call travel agency and compare a “package” with what you would pay to price everything separately. Because “package” can usually offer many discounts, you usually save more than if you purchase the air fare, hotel and car rental separately.

Free and Fun For All Links

Our children can learn from real experiences, not just textbooks and workbooks. That’s why this section is a free-for-all of interesting, fun, real-life freebies, although some may not be considered strictly educational. If nothing else, the following free or low-cost resources should help you to justify the bill from your Internet provider. They can provide a relaxing break from routine, and help guard against homeschool burnout.

Syllabus Magazine

Free evaluation copy of Math Tutor for grades 1 through 12

Freeware Central

Mathematics Experiences Through Image Processing (METIP)

Aerospace Education Services Program

The Explorer--collection of free curriculum resources

The Ultimate Children's Internet Sites

Christian Bookmarks

Screen Savers Bonanza

Free Art--redecorate your web page

The Font Fairy--free fonts


After Dark on-line news screensaver

Anagram Generator

Animated Children's educational software

Fill out a form; get to choose a free book

Architect Kit

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

Consumer Information Center Pamphlets

Bumper Stickers

Business Cards

Cartoon Maker

Christian Teen Magazine

College applications on CD ROM]

College entrance exam software

Colorforms Computer Fun Set Demo

Color Photo Scan

Congressional E-mail Directory

Congressional Voting Records

Craft supplies

Creative writing demo for children

Drawtools Designer Software extensis.html/

Duraflame log

The Elements of Style

Encryption Software Demo

Etch-a-Sketch Screensaver

Flipbook Animation Software

Garfield Paw Prints Screensaver

Guestbook for your web site

Guitar lessons on-line

Hands-On Science Experiments

Harmonica lessons

Health News Naturally Magazine

The Knowledge Adventure Encyclopedia

Latin dictionary and Vocabulary

LED Signmaker

Make your own screensaver demo

MIDI music and software

FreeShop On-line


Multimedia creativity tool for children

Music sound bytes for multimedia

Nutrition software

Paint Shop Pro for Windows

Personality test

Public Domain Internet Resources List

Research questions answered

Sand dollar from Florida

Scholarship search

Speed reading software demo

Thomas Register of U.S. Manufacturers

T.V. Guide OnLine

TV listings

Virtual Legos

Wallpaper for Windows

Watch with your company's logo

Windows engineering software

Web Retriever Pro electronic publishing software

Will Kit

Product Reviews from dozens of magazines--check this out before you buy appliances, computers, etc

Contact Congress, by state, Voter Education Section at Christian Coalition's site

Small business Resource Center

Income Taxation Information (yes, nothing is more certain)

Council For Disability Rights

Mapquest--on-line atlas

Free coupons from

Free things from

Subscribe to dozens of computer-related magazines for free

Find out about free internet access

Find out about free e-mail with Juno. Use e-mail to motivate your kids to write

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on animated GIFs, plus free for use graphics

EZ-PAGE for kids (kids create their own web page on-line, for free)

Psalm 78:4-8; "We will not hide them from their children; we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done."
Copyright (c) 1998-2009 Melissa L. Morgan

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