Eugenics and Abortion: Hitler Returns?

Abortion is a slippery slope, which leads us into a downward moral spiral. When human life--all human life-- is no longer considered sacred, unspeakable evil triumphs. Here we sit, silent, safe and comfortable, and don't lift a finger to save others.

Before you know it, you won't be asking for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for you! When they come to take YOU to the death mill, it will be too late!

Mere hysterical, conservative rhetoric? Princeton University has appointed Australian philosopher Peter Singer to the Ira W. DeCamp Professorship of Bioethics at the University Center for Human Values. According to The Washington Times, Singer has been called Australia's "most notorious messenger of death" by the Catholic archbishop of Singer's home town of Melbourne and denounced by some of Australia's leading rabbis."

Read the following information, from The Washington Times, (June 30, 1998, page A17) and judge for yourself.

Princeton Appoints Eugenics Supporter as Bioethics Professor

"It is Mr. Singer's writings and speeches on eugenics, euthanasia and the rights of babies, children, the elderly and the disabled, and the (lack of) value of human life in general, that are the focus of attention in so may countries. In the late 1980's a major international philosophy conference in Austria had to be cancelled because of protests by disabled groups and threats to disrupt the proceedings. In 1996 demonstrators tried to storm a building in Bonn, Germany, where Prof. Singer was launching his latest book. Young protesters, some in wheelchairs, chanted "Singer out"! Three parliamentarians from Chancellor Kohl's Christian Democratic Party compared Mr. Singer to Hitler's henchman Martin Bormann. Prof. Singer can now hardly speak on the Continent without being assailed by the protests of the disabled, who sometimes chain themselves to barricades outside his lecture venues."

The article concludes: " I have only scratched the surface of the dark moral world of Pro. Peter Singer. His advocacy of the harvesting of organs from disabled babies could also be mentioned. There is his championing of eugenics. Also his sinister idea that babies should only be admitted into the community as citizens in a ceremony one month after birth. If anyone thinks that all this is disturbingly reminiscent of the Nazis' own notorious euthanasia and eugenics program for "life unworthy of life" (lebensunwerten Lebens), they would not be far from the truth. Many academics, politicians, religious figures, advocates for the disabled or the elderly and other right-thinking people are appalled at Prof. Singer's ideas, and see similar sinister overtones. If Princeton University believes it is advancing respect for human values by its appointment of Prof. Singer, perhaps it should examine his views a little more closely."

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