Pro-Choice or Pro-Life: Links and Resources

Violence Against Mothers and Children

§         The Facts of Life--Scientific facts about human development, in everyday language

§         "In their Own Words" --Notable abortion quotes from famous people

§         Suspicious Death of Unborn Child

§         Saving the Lives of Unborn Children With Special Needs—Yes, They Are Wanted!

§         What Do They Mean, Abortion Is Genocide?

§         Blacks targeted for extinction by pro-choicers!

§         Pro-choice Violence

§         For Clinic Workers Only!

§         How Child Predators Cover Up Their Deeds

§         Images of Abortion-Related Violence

§         Information on the book, "Breast cancer: Its link to abortion and the birth control pill," published by One More Soul.

§         Sparrow Fall--Mysterious death at clinic, captured on videotape. Also watch videos of violent pro-choicers beating up on peaceful pro-life sidewalk counselors.

§         Human Development

§         Improved scan reveals the faces of the unborn

§         Slain by CHOICE

§         Abortion T.V.

§         Abortion: The number one cause of death in the USA

§         Safe and Legal?

§         Carolina Gutierrez - Victim of Choice

§         Abortion: Some Medical Facts

§         Abortion Complications: up to and including death

§         Abortion-Related Deaths

§         Genocide Against Blacks

§         Abortion As a Risk Factor For Breast Cancer

§         Abortion Clinics Should Be Regulated!

§         Abortion Doctor charged with Murder

§         Los Angeles Times article

§         Abortion Unmasked

§         News Notes: Late-Term Abortion is Homicide in S.C.; Abortionist Ghali gets jail in sex abuse case in Ohio

§         Family Confronts Abortion Doctor

§         LA Times Article: Clinic Owner Arrested

§         Excessive Bail

§         Missionaries to the Unborn

§         American Life League's page exposing Planned Parenthood and it's hidden eugenics agenda population control, racist motivation behind birth control and abortion. Complete text of Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger's 1920 racist book, "Woman and the New Race," in which she calls minorities "human weeds.

§         Operation Save America

§         Priests for Life

§         Safe and Legal

§         Abortion: Questions and Answers

§         Pregnant--Need Help?

§         Have You Been Hurt By Abortion?

§         A Woman's Choice: Information For the Woman In An Unwanted Pregnancy

§         Injured by an abortion? Call 1-800-U-CAN-SUE

§         Hope and Healing

§         Wake Up Mainstream Feminists There Are Actually Women Behind Those Rights!

§         Abortion and Black Genocide

§         Norma McCorvy - "Jane Roe" of Roe v Wade

§         Facts About Abortion


§ --Attorney suing abortionists for causing breast cancer in women




§ Both Sides of the abortion violence issue

§ "Human Pesticides"


§ --Stop infanticide



§         The Bubble Zone: Canada

§         The Genetic Cleansing Project:

§         Mothers tell Parenting magazine how they made a connection with their unborn baby

One mother relates: "After learning that I was pregnant, I began experiencing some problems. I had a vaginal ultrasound to verify that I had not miscarried or was not having an ectopic pregnancy. Well, lucky for my husband and I, neither of the two were present. I was almost 6 weeks pregnant. I was able to see my baby on the monitor. I instantly bonded with the baby and more so when we found out we were having a boy. I would sing the same song every morning going to work (Valentine by Jim Brickman) to him. I delivered our child two months early (June '97). He stayed in the hospital for a month but I was unable to breastfeed him so I would pump the milk for him to be put into a bottle. Before the bottle he was being fed through a tube down his throat into his stomach. The best moment of connection again for me was when I fed him for the first time his first bottle. He gave me the most awesome look into my eyes that I'll never forget. We were so bonded with each at that moment. It was unlike anything I had ever felt before. He is 14 months now. What I felt that day in the hospital will never leave my heart. Our son is a true blessing from God."

Print Resource: Crutcher, Mark, "Lime 5: Exploited By Choice," Life Dynamics,

Inc., P.O. Box 2226, Denton, TX 76202 (817)380-8800; 1996.

**Pro-Choice Violence Against Peaceful Pro-Lifers

·         Pro-choice Violence

·         Internet Pro-Life Journal

·         Police Brutality Against Pro-Lifers

·         Radical Pro-Choice Violence Threaten pro-life Families

·         Prolifer Unlawfully Arrested

·         The High cost of Muzzling Free Speech

·         Life Is Precious

More about pro-choice violence against women and children at Pro-Choice or Pro-Life: Hate Crimes, Abortion, and Violence in America

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