"Rusty Forceps"

Inside Ohio Abortion Clinics: Unlicensed, Unsafe, Unsanitary

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Partial birth abortions are still being performed in Ohio. In 2002, the Ashcroft Justice Department filed an amicus brief in support of Ohio's partial-birth abortion ban, which is being challenged. For more on partial birth abortions in Ohio, read Partial Birth Abortion Baby Survives 3 Hours.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported on January 11, 2003 that a federal judge ruled that a Dayton, Ohio abortion facility can remain open. The facility is not properly licensed by the Ohio Department of Health.The state health department attempted to close theWomen's Med Center of Dayton after the abortion business failed to obtain agreements from nearby hospitals promising to provide emergency medical care if needed following a botched abortion.

From the Ohio Dept. of Health report on Dayton Women's Services (abortion clinic): "no Policies or Procedures, Governing Body, Malpractice Insurance, or Quality Assurance Program...no documented evidence that staff could respond in the event of a cardiac emergency...supplies did not include items such as intubation equipment, a resusciator, or suction equipment..."

More on Dayton clinic..."equipment and supplies...not stored or used according to accepted standards...no label to identify the drug or the dose...no way to identify how long the medication had been in the syringes...floor fan in the procedure room was soiled with a heavy build up of dust..."

Read about "sterilization" procedures at clinic... "forceps were rusty..."

Capital Care Women's Center, Columbus "operating without a license...other abortion clinics in Columbus are not licensed..."

Capital Care...'does not have policies or procedures in place to address occurences of this life threatening situation...the facility does not have a nurse trained in Advance Cardiac Life Support...Medical gases were not secured or stored in a safe manner..."

More on Capital Care clinic..."dust was observed on the equipment in the procedure and surgery room..."

Report reveals "a physician is not present in the facility at all times when there is a patient present...No infection control tracking or monitoring..."

"Rusty Forceps:" Health Department Reports On Ohio Aborion Sites, operation without license, unsanitary conditions, dirty medical instruments, improperly stored, outdated supplies

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