Is Violence Against Abortion Providers Justified?


Our position:: We will not, under any circumstances, endorse violence against abortion providers (or anyone else). As we have stated in Is Abortion Murder?, we recognize that abortion is the taking of an innocent human life. However, we must allow the proper civil authority (which is the judiciary of the United States) to execute judgment. True, our current government remains lax in it's prosecution of murderers and criminals of all types (including abortionists) in this country. Indeed, our government even condones and supports evil, in some cases.. However, we cannot set ourselves up as judge, jury and executioner, as John Brown did shortly before the Civil War. Ultimately, God will execute judgment, in His own timing.

Unfortunately, due to misinformation and the current social and spiritual climate in America,, many people (both pro-choice and pro-life) feel confusion about this issue. First of all, when we talk about violence, we mean, quite simply, the common meaning of the term, i.e., "the exertion of physical force so as to injure or abuse." Violence does NOT include passive, peaceful protest, boycotting, or passing out brochures that some people don't want to read. Violence also does NOT include peaceful civil disobedience, such as blocking doorways, in an attempt to protect mothers and babies.

We repeat: We will not endorse, link to, or knowingly associate with anyone who endorses, commits, or conspires to commit violence of any kind against abortion providers, pro-choice supporters, pro-lifers or any human being.

Abortion Roots in Organized Crime, Eugenics, and Paganism

By far, the majority of violence in the Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life debate has been instigated by the Pro-Choice side, as Pro-Choice or Pro-Life documents. Additional information is available from "Abortion-Related Violence and Alleged Violence: An Investigative Report," by Life Research Institute, 4279 Armand Drive, Concord, Ca. 94521. However, a few individuals, of various religions and backgrounds, endorse violence against abortion providers. As far as our research has been able to determine, none of these violent individuals--not one!--is endorsed by any reputable, bona-fide pro-life organization. In other cases, clinic bombings may have been committed by pro-choice forces themselves, or even by pro-choice mafia.

For more information, read Anti-Lifers--Violent to the Core.

"Columnist Jack Anderson also tied mobsters and unions to abortion clinics when he stated that "A Federal grand jury testified that some mobsters have used fraud, extortion, arson, assault, and other strong-arm tactics against [abortion] Medicaid practitioners in order to collect kickbacks and for protection against competition."[40] Anderson said that some abortion mills had been paying several thousand dollars per month under threats of mob reprisal." --Pro-Life Activist's Encyclopedia, American Life League,

A relative of ours told us he was called "The Mortician of Nuremberg, after World War II. He used to say, "I was the only one who really knew where the ashes were buried, of those murderers condemned by the Nuremberg Trials." His grisly assignment had been to examine those condemned and executed legally by the court. Eventually, Justice will be done. God will not be mocked. But justice can only be meted out by human government, not rogues acting on their own.

The deeds of Hitler's minions can only be described as horrifying, defying human understanding. Abortion, with perhaps a billion innocent human beings dead world-wide, is also based in the twisted theories of eugenics.

Abortion has become a modern Holocaust. Just as in earlier generations, government, the media, and the elite have looked the other way when a segment of humankind was deemed not fully human.

In the Dred Scott decision (prior to the Civil War), an evil Supreme Court unjustly decreed that Black people were not fully human.See also: Abortion and the Civil War

In the early days of the church, Christian fathers petitioned their government authorities to ban the pagan practices of infanticide and abortion.

"Contrary to popular opinion, the pro-life movement is not a recent phenomenon. Principled people have fought for the rights of the unborn for centuries and have been victorious. Within more modern times, people such as Theodore Roosevelt, Mother Teresa, G.K. Chesterton, David Livingston, J. Hudson Taylor, Alexander Solzenitsyn, Vincent dePaul, and thousands of others have been champions of the pro-life movement."--George Grant, in "Third Time Around: A History of the ProLife Movement from the First Century to the Present."

Now, with paganism again rearing its ugly head, we're facing another spiritual battle against the forces of death and abortion. It seems that each generation must renew the eugenics debate. Someone is always considered less than human The fact is, you cannot fight evil with evil. You cannot fight death with death. You can only fight against death by offering life!

A Peaceful People

"Our founding fathers, our frontiersmen took matters into their own hands. Why don't you?

Because we are nonviolent, peaceful people. Has unjust and oppressive violence ever really been stopped by more violence? Will the misguided and often, hardened hearts of pro-abortion people be changed or softened by retaliating against their violence with our own violence?" "Abortion is violence?

Precisely. The violence is occurring inside the doors of the abortion chambers. Killing of innocent babies is the ultimate violence, and it occurs 4,000 times every day in the United States. "

Click here for the complete text of "Violence: The Answer?".

Justice, Forgiveness and Redemption

Violence breeds further violence. Only through the Love of Christ, and the Peace and Forgiveness of God, can evil be defeated. God, however, uses governments (NOT individuals!) to exercise justice against evil-doers and defeat evil committed by foreign invaders.

Some of the strongest defenders of the unborn today worked in the killing centers of abortion. Men like Bernard Nathanson, and women like Miss Norma McCorvey. Those who would use violence to stop abortion would snuff out a life, which, like all of us, needs God's forgiveness and redemption. We do not have that right. The right to punish murderers is rightly reserved to government.

"There is a fundamental difference between the case of defending life within the household and an individual taking it upon himself to become jury, judge and executor in the case of a murder that is about to be committed or one that has already been committed through abortion. Under the New Covenant this authority belongs to the civil sphere of government only."

"Those" (so-called) "pro-lifers who are thinking of 'efficiently' ending abortion with bombs or guns or gas should remember one thing: They are not just going up against bricks and escorts, they are going up against Satan himself. Violence is the Devil's way, which is why all anti-life movements use it liberally. Violence, if practiced on a wide enough scale, will prevail -- but it will always prevail temporarily . People instinctively rebel against its use and will eventually turn away from it. God will disavow it and defeat those who use it.

Christians, no matter what their calling, must avoid violence because of the obvious fact that it originates in Hell, not Heaven. The only way to eradicate abortion is to convert the hearts and minds of Americans one by painful one. Only then will our babies be safe."

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