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Pro-Choice Clinic "Defender" Pushes Pregnant Pro-Lifer, Pressures Client To Go Through With Abortion

In the spring of 1997 my friend Kim and I were sidewalk counseling at the Women's Surgical Center in Louisville, Kentucky. At this particular clinic we have wonderful access to the families coming into the clinic. However there are always members of the local NOW chapter there acting as clinic escorts.

There is also a security guard stationed at the door. While we were counseling one day we noticed a new escort. This escort was different because this one was a man. He was very agitated from the very beginning of the day.

A young couple pulled up into the parking lot and we immediately began speaking with them. The male escort ran over to the car and tried to coax the young woman out. She refused.

For at least five minutes this clinic escort tried to convince her to go into the clinic. They eventually drove away leaving the escort shaking his head in disgust. After this victory the escort became even more agitated and began swearing at us as we were trying to ounsel the women.

As he was escorting another young woman into the clinic my friend Kim was walking beside them counselling. The escort began to push and shove Kim, who was very obviously pregnant.

All of this occurred in plain view of the security guard present. Nothing was done to stop this man from assaulting the sidewalk counselor and her unborn child. We were too new at sidewalk counseling to know that we should have called the police and filed a report. I urge anyone who faces this sort of violence to file a report.


Our Response:

According to Abortion-Related Violence and Alleged Violence: An Investigative Report, by Life Research Institute, 4279 Armand Drive, Concord, CA 94521, 1995:

Incidents of shoving by pro-choice supporters are "nothing unusual...It would take dozens more pages to list all the incidents where the pro-aborts spit and/or shoved pro-lifers!" The book lists dozens of incidents of alleged violence (including assault, attempted murder and kidnapping) committed by pro-choice activitsts against peaceful pro-lifers.

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